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A project to connect the first wearer of shoes with the secondhand wearer.

The Power of Shoes


The Power of Social



Have you ever wondered where the shoes go when you place them in a donation bin? You are not alone!  In over 10 years of providing used clothing and shoes collections, we have been asked this question thousands of time. In general, we have a pretty good idea, but the specifics we don’t really know: where exactly do they end up, what town, on whose feet? The desire to know more has led us to the #socialshoeproject

Place a tag on your shoes the next time you either donate or recycle them to connect with the person who will enjoy them next.

Make sure to add #socialshoeproject so we can track them and please include your social media handle (preferably instagram)

Hopefully in a short period of time you will get alerted from a happy next wearer in a distant land. You may come to find that a similar taste in fashion isnt all you have in common.


We are all connected, sometimes even by our feet.





Where they come from, where they're going.


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