What is the #socialshoeproject

The #socialshoeproject is a first of its kind experiment to connect first users of shoes to secondhand users through the magic of social media.  The goal of the project is to illustrate the machinations of the international used clothing and shoe trade through an experiential campaign.

What types of shoes are accepted?

All reusable, re-wearable shoes and sneakers are welcome: Athletic, Running, Dress, Boots, Casual, Cleats, Heels and Sandals


How do I tag shoes?

Find a little piece of cardboard and punch a hole in it.  If you are sending sneakers, thread the laces through the hole and tie them up. It is important that shoes are paired. We will have photos of different types of options but feel free to come up with your own methods. All that we ask is that you share them with the community.  

What information do I place on tag?

The most important information is your social media handle and #socialshoeproject . Get creative here. We want the person who wears these shoes next to feel compelled to connect with you.  Though you may be separated by continents you share a piece of fashion that plays an integral function in your lives.

What does instagram have to do with the project?

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. Instagram allows for you to say a lot in an easy format while still giving room for you to tell a bit of a story through words as well.  We want to know the role these shoes have played in your life and hopes, if you have any, for their second life.


Where do I send the shoes?

Social Shoe Project 

C/O Wearable Collections

180 W 9th st 

Brooklyn, NY 11231