#socialshoeproject A Wearable Collections Experience

There's something special about finding a great pair of shoes. We all know this feeling. After all the good times experienced in those shoes there may come a time for you to part .But that feeling will have a chance to live on.

Have you ever wondered where the shoes go when you place them in a donation bin? You are not alone!  In over 10 years of providing used clothing and shoes collections, we have been asked this question thousands of time. In general, we have a pretty good idea, but the specifics we don’t really know: where exactly do they end up, what town, on whose feet? The desire to know more has led us to the #socialshoeproject


#socialshoeproject has all the wonderful things that Wearable Collections brings to the table: convenient collections, keep shoes out of landfills, and raising funds for charities with the added bonus of closing the circle. We are creating a platform for the first buyer to connect with the secondhand buyer in a distant land to not only illustrate the machinations of the international used clothing and shoe trade, but also to demonstrate that though many miles and cultures separate us the shared fashion experience has no boundaries.


How does it work?


Take a shot - Instagram a photo of your shoes, even with yourself in them, to show how you have enjoyed them and the life you have led in them -  Please include #socialshoeproject


Tag’em -

Fill out this form with your address and we will send you custom tags for use. Or create your own captivating tag that identifies the shoes as yours.  Be creative here! The idea is for the secondhand buyer to be compelled to connect with you.

*** Be sure to include your social media handle of choice (preferably instagram) and   #socialshoeproject -  A little note on the tag or on instagram will help too. This will ultimately will be how the connection is made.


Tie’em -  If you have sneakers with laces, punch a hole in the tag and thread the laces through and tie them together. Elastics, string and even tape can be helpful tools for keeping shoes paired. Keeping the shoes paired is essential for their next use.


Toss’em - So many options to choose from:
-In NYC, find one of our convenient drop off locations. This may be a good time to request a bin for your building so your neighbors can participate as well.
-Host a shoe drive for your community. Whether its for your town, school, club orat the office, a drive is a great way to build community while educating on the need to keep reusable shoes out of landfills.
-For individuals or households, simply place the shoes in box and send them to our warehouse at this address. This dropspot is open 24/7 if you happen to be in Brooklyn.


Once we receive the shoes we will do our Wearable Collections magic: getting the shoes to where people will have access to them at affordable prices while raising funds for charity. For every pair of shoes we receive 25 cents will go to charity.  We are setting a goal to collect 100,000 pairs by Jan 1, 2016.  Even if a small percentage of these 100,000 pairs make connections it will be a lot. That is when the real magic begins. You may find that the same taste in shoes may not be the only thing you have in common.


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